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In today’s post, we will introduce you to 4 Alternative Marketplaces for GoDaddy & Sedo

Today everyone knows that you can earn money with domains. More and more people are therefore relying on this alternative investment. Even inexperienced “investors” who just want to start their business. But what happens when everyone offers their domain on a marketplace like GoDaddy without the appropriate KNOW HOW?

Right! This has a negative impact on the quality of a marketplace. If you want to buy a domain at GoDaddy Auctions today, you have to do very thorough research beforehand. For example with the tool from ExpiredDomains.net.

Please get me right, GoDaddy Auctions is a premier marketplace. Among the many thousands of listed domains, there are also TOP DOMAINS.

But especially as a beginner in the domain investment business, I advise against selling your domain at the GoDaddy auctions. If you don’t have the necessary KNOW HOW, it’s very difficult to sell your domain on GoDaddy. It used to be different 5-6 years ago.


Selling a domain these days is a lot more time consuming. But still possible. However, it has become much more of a discipline.

First of all, it is important to distinguish between “own marketplace” and “hosted marketplace”.

We will go into more detail about the designation of the “own marketplace” in a separate article. But let me say this much: your own marketplace requires additional effort. May not be best for beginners. But it gives you a lot of freedom and saves commissions on the respective marketplace.


Now let’s move on to the 4 Alternatives to GoDaddy

#1 Flippa

Flippa is a marketplace that not only offers domains, but also entire, ready-made websites. One advantage over GoDaddy is that the market is not yet “flooded” so much with non-sense domains.
Flippa also offers a premium listing for $69.
But I only recommend this if the domain to be sold is really excellent.


#2 Dan.com

Dan.com is best known for the fast transfer after a successful sale.

Additionally, Dan.com is truly remarkable. You can create your own marketplace on Dan.com and even connect it to your own business domain.

Also, the commissions you have to hand over are lower on Dan.com than on most other marketplaces.


#3 Sav.com

Sav is a very underrated and not so well known marketplace. But one property distinguishes this market place. The commission you have to give to Sav.com after a sale is lower than anywhere else. Only 4% of the total goes to the marketplace.


#4 TLD Lobby (our own marketplace)

2022 will be an exciting year for us at TLD LOBBY. We are launching our own marketplace. We want to offer our customers first-class software, first-class design and a unique marketplace experience.

The transition from our “simple website” that we have now to a unique leaf form will not happen overnight. It involves a lot of work.

We are happy to announce that in spring 2022 our new marketplace will go online!

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